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April 18, 2017


​It is our sole intent to provide the facts concerning the real condition of the home so that the buyer, seller, or current owner may proceed with real knowledge. With this information you can be confident in your decision to correct any deficiencies, determine whether proceeding with the purchase of the home is the best choice, or perhaps use this knowledge as a negotiating tool in setting the terms of your home purchase.

Pre-Listing Inspection

For most home loans the buyers are required to have an inspection conducted. Having an inspection performed ahead of time can be beneficial for many reasons:

It will allow you to see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party which may help you set a realistic price for your home. You may also be able to make repairs ahead of time so that defects drastically drive down the value and or the offering price. Some repairs may even be a DIY project if you feel qualified.

If an inspection is not required for the loan the buyer is obtaining having a pre listing inspection may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency at which point you will have professional supporting documentation to support your disclosure statement. You may also have knowledge of all safety defects as the agent and prospective buyers tour your house.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is an in depth evaluation of the house structure as well as the underlying major systems and components such as the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and air conditioning system. We all know that on the surface a home may appear to be in outstanding shape. It is our experience that tells us that structural issues, electrical defects, improperly installed systems and other significant problems are prevalent and that minor deficiencies generally affect the condition and price of a home. Bottom line is that minor deficiencies that go unnoticed may cause major maintenance and repair costs.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Building companies usually offer a one-year warranty on new homes. The 11th month warranty inspection provides a full inspection before the expiration of the warranty so that builder and his subcontractors can correct any deficiencies discovered.

Property Management Inspection

Prior to renting to new occupants renters like to know what exactly they are getting into. Setting the rental fee requires knowledge of a home or apartment’s working components. A property management inspection will help alleviate costly maintenance fees once tenants occupy a property.


Being able to advise paying clients on residential properties by standing in as an expert witness saves the client the time and money of continued litigation. An expert witness may be hired by either a defendant or a plaintiff as well as a court as a third party unbiased expert opinion.

Infrared Scanning

Infrared scanning sees what the naked eye cannot. All inspections will include infrared scanning as part of the inspection. It allows the inspector to visually see water intrusion, moisture problems, heat loss, air infiltration/exfiltration, missing or damaged insulation and electrical overheating without puncturing a wall. These all produce different heat signatures that can be identified by new technology called infrared thermography.

Ancillary Services

Radon, Mold and Lead are serious environmental as well as health and safety concerns. In terms of health issues; cancer, severe allergic reactions and other serious afflictions have potential effects and should not be taken lightly.Testing is relatively easy and only takes a few extra days to receive results back from the lab. Ancillary services can be added in addition to the standard inspection service.